Child nephrology

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Child nephrology


What is a pediatric nephrologist?


If your child has kidney or urinary tract disease, bladder problems or high blood pressure, a pediatric nephrologist has the special skills and experience to treat it. Pediatric nephrologists treat children from infancy to adolescence and in some medical centers until they are young adults.


What kind of training do pediatric nephrologists have?


Pediatric nephrologists are medical doctors who have had


• At least four years of medical university studies

• Three years of pediatric training in an approved residency program

• Two or three years of additional training in pediatric nephrology


The American Board of Pediatrics certifies all pediatric nephrologists.


What types of treatments do pediatric nephrologists provide?


Pediatric nephrologists diagnose, treat and supervise the management of many disorders affecting the kidneys and urinary tract, including kidney failure, high blood pressure, inherited kidney disease, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and urinary abnormalities such as presence of blood and protein. They also know how to evaluate and treat problems in growth and development that are specifically related to chronic kidney disease.


Pediatric nephrologists usually offer the following services:


• Dialysis

• Kidney transplants

• Kidney biopsies

• Interpretation of radiographic studies of the kidneys

• Interpretation of laboratory studies related to renal diseases

• Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring


Pediatric nephrologists are the coordinators of a medical team comprising specialized nurses, dietitians, and social workers, all of them dedicated to the care of children with kidney disease. They work closely with other physicians such as pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons and pediatric radiologists.

Pediatric nephrologists: Optimal care for children


Children are not just adults as a child. Their bodies are growing and have unique medical needs. They often express their concerns differently from adults. They are not always able to answer questions about their health, nor are they able to be patient and cooperate with the doctor. Pediatric nephrologists know how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relax and want to cooperate. In addition, pediatric nephrologists use medical equipment designed only for children. Most pediatric nephrologists offices are organized and decorated with children in mind.


If your pediatrician suggests that your child be treated by a pediatric nephrologist, be assured that the child will receive the best medical care possible.

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